Wrought Iron Balcony Railing Installation: A Complete Guide

Wrought Iron Balcony Railing Installation: A Complete Guide

Balconies are an excellent addition to any home. They enhance the external appearance of your home, provide security for your windows, and increase the value of your property. A wrought iron balcony doesn’t cost too much money and is relatively easy to install, so if your home looks bland and plain from the outside, you should invest in one. At Boston Ironworks, we can create custom balconies that fit in perfectly with your home. Here’s how you can install them:

1. Decide the Distance Between the Railings

Lay all the railings flat on the ground and decide what kind of distance you want to place between them. We recommend that you keep the railings close together to avoid accidents.

2. Measure

Once you’ve determined the distance, measure the space between two railings, and then mark the right spots on the balcony wall.

3. Drill Holes

Drill two-inch-deep holes wherever you have marked the railing placement. Make sure you drill enough holes to attach the wrought iron balcony railings securely. Once you’ve finished drilling, clean the holes and make sure there are no lingering sediments around them.

4. Test the Fit

Once the holes are in place, place the railings on them to test if they’re in a good location and match the holes in the railing.

5. Mix the Epoxy Solution

Mix the epoxy adhesive that will hold the railing in place according to the instructions. Make sure you purchase good quality adhesive for the best results.

6. Install the Railings and Check the Level

Once the epoxy mix is ready, put the railings in place and check their balance with the level. You need to make sure the railings are completely level before you add the adhesive.

7. Apply Adhesive

Once the railings are securely attached and at a good level, apply the adhesive and secure the rails in place. Make sure you’ve applied enough adhesive to keep the railings in place without problems. Clean the excess after you’re done.

8. Allow it to Dry

Don’t place any pressure on the railing and allow the adhesive to dry completely before you use it. The curing time should be mentioned on the package.

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