The Importance of Structural Steel in Constructing Buildings

The Importance of Structural Steel in Constructing Buildings

There are several advantages of incorporating structural steel in constructing buildings. It’s used in numerous industries, including manufacturing, packaging, shipbuilding, oil and gas, automotive, transport, and mining, making it an incredibly valuable resource for the construction industry.

We at Boston Ironworks have seen that designers, architects, contractors, and engineers opt for structural steel. Compared to other building materials, it offers countless benefits. Here’s a look at the importance of structural steel in constructing buildings:

1. Resilience

Steel is a highly resilient metal, and steel-framed construction can easily withstand high amounts of external pressure, including earthquakes or thunderstorms. Unlike other construction materials, steel does not decay or age. Sturdy, well-built steel-framed buildings in Boston will last around 20 years without developing any problems. Besides, steel has tensile strength, which means that it can be shaped as required.

2. Affordable

Compared to other building materials, structural steel is more cost-effective, resulting in the overall cost of the project reducing substantially. Besides its long shelf life, steel structures in Massachusetts are easy to maintain. This makes structural steel a financially viable option.

3. Light in Weight

Steel is highly flexible, and also has a high strength to weight ratio. This makes it relatively easy to work with. Steel weighs less than wood, which reduces its shipping and labor costs.

4. Vibration Performance

Structural steel has a history of meeting the vibration and acoustic criteria of buildings. Most office buildings require straightforward steel construction systems to meet the vibration criteria, and rarely ever need any modifications.

5. Eco-Friendly

At the end of its shelf-life, steel can later be recycled as well. You no longer have to spend vast amounts of money on disposing of construction waste. Relative to other building materials, steel buildings in Boston are energy efficient.

6. Quicker Construction

By incorporating structural steel, you can increase the speed of the construction process. The vast majority of these steel structures are prefabricated and have to be assembled at the construction site. This saves you a considerable of both time and money.

7. Quick Assembly

Fabricators can build most of the steel sections on the shop floor itself. The sections are manufactured to tight tolerances before they are delivered, resulting in quick and waste-free assembly.

As indicated, structural steel is a crucial component in the construction of buildings in Massachusetts, making it a widely-used material in various types of structures.


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