Tips for Designing Strong and Durable Staircases Solutions

Tips for Designing Strong and Durable Staircases Solutions

Staircases are some of the most essential aspects of your home. They connect the lower floors with the upper floors of your home. Designers often ignore these installations, believing that their efforts would be better served elsewhere.

At Boston Ironworks, we believe that staircases can add an interesting design element to your home if you handle it with care. You can hire a professional to handle your stairs solutions or simply plan a design yourself. Here are some tips on how to design excellent staircases for your home.

Choose the Right Material

The material that you would use in your stairs would have an impact on the overall design. You should consider the kind of design you’re looking for and the design of your home when you choose the material. For example, wood is warm & rustic and can be very elaborate. It would look great in homes with traditional design themes. Steel and iron, on the other hand, are clean, minimalistic, and elegant. They’re a perfect fit for modern home designs. Wrought iron offers a classic, almost European look and would fit in well with both traditional and modern homes.


Another aspect you need to consider is the space in your home. Stairs can take up a considerable amount of space. When you’re planning your stair solutions, you should take a look at your home and think about how much space you can spare. For example, if you live in a loft or apartment, you might want to consider suspended or floating stairs. You might also want to consider spiral stairs. These have a great visual impact.

If you have space, you can use traditional staircases. There’s no limit for designs when it comes to traditional staircases. You can choose a minimalistic design or something elaborate.

Plan your Budget

Staircase installation is an expensive affair. The cost of material and the cost of labor involved will vary from material to material. However, even with the simplest designs, there’s some work involved. You should get estimates from contractors and decide how much you’ll be willing to pay for your staircase. Wood can be expensive but metal would involve more labor costs.

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