Back to Basics: Classic Wrought Iron Balcony Designs

Back to Basics: Classic Wrought Iron Balcony Designs

Balconies have a big impact on the exterior looks of your property. If you choose the right design and build, these balconies would blend in smoothly with the property and enhance its beauty. If you choose wrong, they’ll stand out like a sore thumb and compromise the value of your property. At Boston Ironworks, we offer a wide range of wrought iron balcony designs and can custom-build something for you as well. However, there are some basic designs that work well on all kinds of properties and they’re very popular with our clients.

The Juliet Balcony

If you want a classic design that still looks elegant, you should consider the Juliet Balcony. The design is timeless and beautiful in its simplicity. It takes inspiration from renaissance design preferences so it has some interesting patterns, but is largely understated and restrained. The Juliet wrought iron balcony can easily fit in with any type of architecture; so it’s a safe purchase to make.

The Old World Design

As the name suggest, this design is pretty ornate and can be found on many old properties scattered across Europe. It’s a little more elaborate than the Juliet balcony design, because it draws inspiration from Baroque era metal work and design. There is a lot of scrollwork and other such fluid patterns in this style, but it is quite customizable and flexible. You can dial up or down the intricacy and sophistication of the patterns based on your personal preferences so it’s easy to customize the design for your property.

The Modern Balcony

Modern design preferences are restrained and minimalist. Some customers don’t like elaborate flourishes or complex patterns because they can look ostentatious. They just prefer clean, understated designs and a modern wrought iron balcony will give just that. The railings in this balcony are straight, lean, and often don’t have any embellishments to keep the design simple. This type of balcony is very popular and very versatile as it can be used with all kinds of architecture. Modern designs are definitely a safe bet if you want to install balconies that won’t disrupt the overall exterior look of your balcony.

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