Better Safe than Sorry: Fire Safety Tips

Better Safe than Sorry: Fire Safety Tips

Fire-related accidents and disasters can happen to anyone and they tend to occur when you least expect them to. It’s vital to be prepared and know how to respond to such disasters.

At Boston Ironworks, we encourage clients to look at fire escape solutions for every property they own. This will ensure you have a safe egress option in case disaster strikes. Here are some tips on what to do during a fire disaster:

1. Prepare your Property

One of the best things you can do for your safety is to ensure your property is ready for a fire emergency. Make sure that you have a fully-functional fire alarm, extinguishers, and install a fire escape in Boston. These steps might seem like a useless expense at first glance, but they can really save your life during a fire emergency.

2. Understand the Layout of the Property

It’s important to stay familiar with the layout of the property in case you need to leave it in a hurry. Find the shortest way to the exits and egress options available and memorize them. You can create a map of your property and keep copies of them in every room within easy access. This will ensure that you can find the quickest and easiest way to reach safety immediately in case a fire is detected.

3. Plan your Escape

Your next step is to plan your escape in advance. People don’t consider this seriously enough and are often lost and confused during the fire. The best way to avoid the problem is to practice and conduct fire drills so the escape routes and procedures are ingrained in your mind. It’s vital to ensure the kids and elderly in particular understand these routes well and know what to do during a fire.

4. Take the Right Precautions

  • Find the quickest route to the exit.
  • Don’t waste time trying to find any valuables. Just grab your phone if you can find it quickly and leave.
  • If there’s smoke, stick close to the floor and crawl towards the exit.
  • If you’re trapped, lock yourself in a room with a window, close all entrances with wet rags, and stay near the window.

If you want to know about fire escape solutions, you can call Boston Ironworks at 617 657 3117. You can also fill in this contact us form. We’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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