The Great Advantages of Working with Steel

The Great Advantages of Working with Steel

The inclusion of structural steel in the framing system of buildings has several advantages. Although most materials are compared and measured against structural steel, many builders in Boston still opt for structural steel. We at Boston Ironworks handle a large number of steel fabrication jobs. Here are a few benefits of working with steel:

1. Quicker Construction

Since it is fabricated in workshops, the speed of steel sections construction increases dramatically, while still maintaining its tight construction tolerances. In comparison to steel, field placed materials tend to fall behind.

Building Information Modelling and 3-D interoperability enable steel specialty contractors and designers to work closely while fabricating and designing these steel structures. This advanced technology helps designers save a great deal of time and money.

The incorporation of structural steel results in rapid construction in Boston throughout all seasons while maintaining close tolerances for inclusion with other building systems. Besides, construction site waste is also greatly reduced.

2. Reduced Project Costs

During the evaluation of framing systems that use comparable current cost data, structural steel is the cost leader of a vast majority of construction projects in Massachusets. Relative to a concrete framing system, studies indicate that structural steel systems (including decking and fire protection) are roughly 5-7% cheaper.

3. Visually Appealing

Architects often have high praise for the aesthetic of steel, and continuously put in on display in the design of their structures to highlight the transparency, slenderness, grace, and strength of the frame.

Compared to other building materials, structural steel enables architects to show creativity in their designs. To improve the aesthetics of the structure, structural steel sections are rolled to create non-linear members.

4. Increased Strength

Most materials that are enhanced by steel reinforcement boast high strength. However, they still don’t come close to structural steel. Compared to a decade ago, the standard strength of steel is still significantly greater than all competing high strength materials. Steel is a 50 ksi material, which means that it has a yield stress of 50,000 pounds per square inch tension as well as compression.

5. Durable

Today, structural steel is the most recycled product on the planet, and roughly 88% of it is made of recycled products. It can be recycled easily and doesn’t require further processing to be reused in construction projects in Massachusetts.

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