Stair Solutions for Small Places

Stair Solutions for Small Places

A staircase is one of the most important structures in a multistory property. It allows you to navigate from one floor to another easily and quickly. Unfortunately, these structures also tend to take up a lot of valuable space in a smaller property and can be very inconvenient. At Boston Ironworks, we understand staircase designs and know these structures can be easily installed in smaller spaces without taking up too much room. Here are some of the stairs solutions we recommend so clients who want to save some space on their property:

1. Spiral staircases

These staircases look great and have a very small footprint, which makes them a great option for smaller spaces. Spiral staircases are elegant in design so they add to the beauty of the space. These structures can be easily installed in any room, regardless of the room’s location.

2. Modular staircase

Modular staircases are considered ideal for apartments, lofts, penthouses, and small homes with very little space to spare. The staircase is made from adjustable steps and has alternating treads, which work together to ensure the structure doesn’t take up too much space on the property. This staircase is also modern and sleek in design so it can easily fit into the contemporary design theme. A modular staircase is one of the most commonly used stairs solutions in urban architecture.

3. Built-in staircases

This type of staircase saves a lot of space and is perfect for small homes and apartments. The structure doesn’t just allow you to access different floors on your property, but also doubles as a storage space. Every stair has a drawer underneath it that can be pulled to lengthen the tread and store items as well. This staircase is commonly found in tiny houses and they have a very innovative design.

4. Retractable ladders or staircases

This staircase is ideal for very small spaces like garages and attics. You can pull the stair down when you need to climb into the room and then close it when you don’t need it. It doesn’t take up much room and when it’s not in use, sits flush against the wall or ceiling, which means it doesn’t disrupt the design and appearance of the property.


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