Things to Consider When Choosing your Fabricated Gates

Things to Consider When Choosing your Fabricated Gates

Gates are just as functional as they are beautiful.  They give some much-needed privacy and security while adding a sense of elegance and grandeur to your property. In most cases, they’re also a one-off expense; because well-maintained gates can easily last for several decades without causing many problems.

At Boston Ironworks, we’ve also noticed that good gates increase the value of a property along with the curb appeal. That’s why it’s important to choose them well; here are some factors you should consider:

How will you open the gates?

This largely depends on the space available in your property. Gates can be opened inwards, outwards, or slide towards the sides. Most people install inward or sideways opening gates because they’re more practical. Outward opening gates can create problems for car owners, who’ll have to halt their cars a safe distance away from the structure to give the gates room to open. You’ll also need to consider the slope of the driveway, which can affect the operation of the gates. The curvature of the boundary wall would determine whether you can choose to slide fabricated gate design.

What kind of gate design should you choose?

This primarily depends on the architecture and design of your property. For example, an elegant wrought-iron gate would suit a regal mansion-type home well but not an English cottage-style property. If the gates are on the driveways, you might have to follow the regulations of the neighborhood housing association; this is because the gate would have an impact on the appearance of the street, and the fabricated gate design would have to be planned accordingly.

What color should you choose?

Colors can help make the gate look eye-catching and attractive; so it’s a good idea to choose the right one. If you install aluminum or iron gates, you have a considerable amount of flexibility, because you can easily paint or powder-coat these materials. You can choose from a wide-angle of colors and add something interesting and unique to your property.

What kind of access mechanism should you choose?

This depends on your budget and security preferences. Manual access is the simplest and most affordable; while electronic keypad, remote access, and intercom access allow higher security and ensure no one can enter your property without express permission.

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