Custom Spiral Staircases FAQs

Custom Spiral Staircases FAQs

Custom spiral staircases are becoming quite the trend these days, and they can be installed in the indoor as well as outdoor areas of your property. Since they are specifically designed for you, the design, styling and size etc. will complement the look of your property to perfection. Here are some common FAQs about these elements:

1. How much space would my spiral staircase require?

This is one of the very first questions property owners have when considering custom spiral staircases. There isn’t any set space requirement. As mentioned earlier, since the feature is specially designed for your setting, we can fabricate it as per the available space. Due to their space-saving spiral design, these staircases are suitable even for very compact areas.

2. How much would the spiral staircase cost me?

People are often under the impression that custom stairs solutions are very expensive; but the fact is that there are a large number of designs to choose from to fit into a very wide range of budgets. There are many variables that affect price and skilled staircase professionals will design and fabricate staircases that fit in perfectly with their client’s preferences and budget.

3. Which different types of staircases can I choose from?

You will find indoor and outdoor features that are designed to match the aesthetic of the spaces they are going to be installed in. The materials used in the outdoor custom spiral staircases would be able to withstand the elements and climatic changes, without getting rusted or corroded. Wrought iron, galvanized steel and powder coated aluminum are excellent materials for outdoor installations while indoor spiral staircases can be made using forged iron, wood and metal as well as stainless steel and glass.

4. Which factors determine who my custom spiral stair rotates?

It’s common for people to picture a full spiral when they think of spiral staircase; but the rotation of the stairs is entirely dependent on the finished floor-to-finished floor height in the space where the feature is to be installed. The rotation of each tread, and the number of steps as well as the actual size and height of the spiral would all be based on the available space.

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