Types of Driveway Gates

Types of Driveway Gates

The styling and structure of every home is different and so is the driveway that leads up to it. This also means the driveway gate you opt for will be unique to your property. Since most driveway gates are custom designed you have a number of styles to choose from- they can be simple or ornate like some wrought iron gates are. If you are looking to install a gate on your property, you will want to know the different types available:

  • Swing Type- In most instances, a swing gate becomes the best option for most properties. These are fitted to hinge posts, and swing away from any incoming traffic, into the property. If your driveway is constructed on a steep slope, the gate will have to swing outward. It’s best to opt for a bi-parting gate, regardless of whether it swings in/out.  This installation tends to be more stable as the weight of the gate is divided over two pieces
  • Curving Vs. Straight Driveway- If the approach to the entrance to your property is a straight-shot; a smaller single parting gate can be installed. On the other hand, if  there is a sharp curve or an angle at the approach, a wider bi-parting driveway gate is a better option
  • Hanging Driveway Gates- You will find gates that can be standalone installations and they will have gateposts of their own. However, the entire assembly becomes stronger if the gates are attached to pillars
  • Sliding Gate- These are also called cantilevered gates and are generally used for vehicles. The special design allows it to slide parallel to the fencing on your property. This system is ideal for tight spaces and properties where there is no room for the gate to open fully. Its simpler to automate these gates too

Customization Matters

As you can see, there are a number of types to choose from. You will also find that they can be made from a range of metals including aluminum, wrought iron and steel. Though standard designs and sizes are available, since driveway sizes vary- a tailor made driveway entrance gate is a much better option. It will fit perfectly in the available space and be in sync with the styling of your home. You should identify a company that will use high grade materials and workmanship and be able to provide you with custom solutions.

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