Types of Handicap Ramps

Types of Handicap Ramps

Handicap ramps are found outside commercial establishments as well as all public buildings and it is mandatory for them to have them installed. Even crossroads have a special access ramp. This compensates for the difference in height between the level of the walkway & the road level. These ramps are extremely useful for individuals who use wheelchairs or rollators (balance-assisting devices).

Fixed wheelchair ramps are a great help for people who are physically challenged and it allows them to move in and out of a building without any assistance. Apart from the fixed handicap ramps, portable ones are used to allow a person on a wheelchair, to get into and out of a vehicle with ease. Let’s take a look at the different types of ramps available:

  • Threshold Handicap Ramps: Almost all residential settings have a threshold which will have to be navigated by a person who uses a wheelchair, when he/she is getting into or out of the building.  These threshold ramps are a smaller version of the ones found in commercial buildings and are available in a range of sizes; they are generally positioned on the outer side of the doorway
  • Portable Wheelchair Ramps: These are extremely versatile and are available in a range of sizes and styles. They are less expensive than a permanent ramp and are ideal for individuals who move around a lot. A caregiver/assistant can help in positioning the handicap ramp wherever it is required. It can be used when the person has to get in & out of a vehicle as well as into a building that might not have a ramp.  Platform-portable handicap ramps are a wider version of the same type
  • Modular Handicap Ramps– These are available for permanent/long-term use to access a building and are better than traditional wooden ramps in a number of ways. Modular systems can be disassembled and positioned elsewhere. These might include landings, platforms, self-contained supports and leveling systems as well as flanges and wheels. Clamps or bolts are used to connect these systems or they may just be fitted together. Modular handicap ramps can be custom designed as per the client’s requirement

Commercial and public buildings generally opt for permanent ramps. These are also very commonly found at hospitals, medical facilities and old age homes where a larger number of people may be using a wheelchair. The kind of handicap ramp you opt for will be dependent on the location it has to be installed in and functional needs it has to serve.

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