Apartment Security Tips: Fabricated Gates and Doors

Apartment Security Tips: Fabricated Gates and Doors

The safety and security concerns of apartment owners or renters are quite unique. They share the space with other renters and owners, and the building often has to deal with a large amount of foot traffic. All of this increases the likelihood of intrusion and burglary, which is why tenants or owners need to find ways to improve the property’s overall security. At Boston Ironworks, we encourage clients to consider fabricated doors and gates.

These installations are difficult to bypass and improve the overall security of the space. Here are some ways in which you can improve the safety of your apartment by using doors and gates:

1. Install good quality gates and doors

Good quality gates and doors are more resilient and difficult to break into than regular doors. When you install gates, criminal elements have to bypass two different obstacles before they gain access to your property. This can act as a deterrent as most thieves would rather not spend time and risk exposure by lingering to unlock two different doors. Modern fabricated doors and gates aren’t easy to break into and often have complex locking systems.

2. Change the locks after you move in

Not replacing the locks is one of the most common mistakes new homeowners and renters make. You never know if the previous owner or renter has handed over all of the keys to the apartment. By replacing the keys, you ensure all old keys are ineffective and won’t grant people access to your property. This is one of the best ways to secure the property.

3. Security system on the door

Install a security system at the fabricated doors and gates. This will allow you to control access to the property remotely. A security camera or even a peephole will allow you to see who is at the door and respond accordingly. You can grant access to people who recognize or to people who have valid identification.

4. Make sure the fire escapes are secure

Fire escapes, balconies, and terraces provide criminal elements easy access to your property, which is why it’s important to secure them. You can add fabricated doors and gates to the balcony or fire escape entrances and install a good lock on them to keep the property secure.


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