Different Kinds of Staircases for Your Home

Different Kinds of Staircases for Your Home

Staircases are an essential part of your home as they help you navigate from one floor to another. They can also add an interesting design element to the overall architecture if you plan it well. Many people are surprised by the vast choice they have, when it comes to staircase design; and some of them don’t know which would fit in with their home. At Boston Ironworks, we regularly create stunning and unique structures for our clients and have some stair solutions for you.

  • Straight Stairs- As the name implies, straight stairs travel straight and in one direction. The stairs are usually interrupted by a landing before there’s a change in direction. This is a very common design and is found in many modern homes. This design is fairly basic but you can enhance its beauty by adding a different railing or some embellishments.
  • Turn Stairs- Turn stairs change direction in the middle of the climb. There’s a landing placed 1/4th way, 1/2nd way, or 3/4th way through the stairs and after the landing, the direction of the chair changes. This takes up less space than a traditional straight staircase and is an attractive option for many homeowners. This staircase can also be enhanced by railings and other accessories.
  • Circular Stairs- These are some of the most visually stunning staircase designs. When you look down from the top of the stairs, you can see that this structure forms a perfect circle with a wide radius. This design can add a sense of grandeur and elegance to any home. Unfortunately, these stair solutions aren’t ideal for small homes. Circular stairways do take up considerable amount of space.
  • Spiral Staircases- The structure and design of custom spiral staircases is similar to circular stairs, but it’s much more compact. In fact, spiral stairs are often considered ideal for small homes and properties. These staircases look great but don’t take up a whole lot of space. You can install it in anywhere in your home and enjoy the elegant and eclectic design element it adds to your home.

There are several other design options available to you. You can consult with an expert and figure out what’s best for your home. If you want to know more about stair solutions inBostonor our other services, you can call Boston Ironworks at 617 657 3117. You can also fill in this contact us form. We’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.


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