Fire Escape Ladders for Homes: Tips for Choosing the Best Ladder

Fire Escape Ladders for Homes: Tips for Choosing the Best Ladder

When a house catches fire, it spreads faster, which leads to chaos and panic. However, if a house is well protected, it can save a family from a dangerous situation such as a fire. A fire escape ladder is a must in such a situation, especially if one is a resident of a multistory home or apartment building. When a building catches fire, access to main areas such as staircases and elevators are usually cut off or prohibited. Not to mention, that using an elevator can be extremely dangerous because one will have no idea till where the fire has spread. The following are a few tips, which will help people pick a reliable fire escape stairs or ladder which can prove to be extremely important especially during emergency.

Determine Length

Length is one of the primary factors to be considered before buying a ladder because an escape ladder should be long enough so that the user can safely land to the ground. The best way to determine length is with the help of a string, or a rope, or an extension cord.

Window Size

Once the length of the ladder is determined, one needs to find out the width of the fire escape ladder which can easily still fit through the window. All one required to do is to measure the inner width of the window. Keep this in mind that wider ladder makes it easy to climb down; especially in case of fire where every second becomes extremely crucial.

Meets Fire Code – ASTM F2175

All ladders that are manufactured for fire escape must meet the standards laid by the American Society for Testing and Materials or ASTM. Lack of this may prove to be fatal at times of need. Hence, it is vital that fire escape ladder meets the standards laid by ASTM so that it can offer people utmost help and safety in times of need.

Ease of Use

Deterring the width, standards and length of the fire escape ladder do not ensure protection and guarantee that it will accommodate the needs in worst situations.  Make sure that the ladder is extremely comfortable and easy to use before taking the final decision.


Fire escape ladders need to be reliable because failure may lead to serious injuries, or it may also end up taking the lives of a number of innocent people stuck in the mishap.

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