Fire Escape Solutions & Emergency Preparations

Fire Escape Solutions & Emergency Preparations

Home fires aren’t an exception. Waking up to flames and smoke is one of the last things that a family wants to happen to the home. Annually, over 365,000 fires break out, resulting in 2,650 civilian deaths each year and $7 billion in property damage.  What people don’t realize is that most house fires are preventable by following some essential fire escape solutions prevention and preparation.

Fire Escape Solutions

  • It’s crucial to install smoke alarms on every story of your home as well as inside every bedroom.  Approximately 50% of fire deaths take place during the night when the residents are sleeping.
  • It’s never a good idea to keep kitchen equipment like deep fryers unattended, and it’s best to be present in the kitchen while food is cooking.
  • Avoid using fixed space heaters or portable models as these are very common causes of home fire deaths.
  • It is also essential to have a fire plan in place that can help you get out of your home in less than 2 minutes in case of a fire break out.  Make sure that every member of your family is aware of this and that you practice it.
  • Avoid lighting candles inside the house or even smoking in the indoor areas.
    • Always get all your electrical equipment as well as kitchen appliances and other electrical devices inspected and maintained with regularity.  This type of preventive maintenance of fire escape solutions goes a long way in avoiding fire breakouts in your home.
  • Make sure that no electrical cords are running under carpets or across doorway areas where they can suffer damage.
  • Limit the number of electrical plugs that you use in a power strip or electrical outlet.  If you overload electrical outlets, that can end up tripping the breaker and can be the cause of a fire as well.
  • Always check the recommended wattage of the lamps in your house and use light bulbs that complement them.  Most light fixtures have stickers which indicate the maximum wattage of light bulbs that can be used.

These are just some of the things that need to be kept in view. It’s essential to have the right fire escape solutions that are in line with the local regulations as well. The fire escape installed on your property also needs to be maintained well.

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