Fire Escape Repairs: Step by Step

Fire Escape Repairs: Step by Step

Fire escapes are an important aspect of a building as it provides a safe egress route in the event of a fire. Like all man-made structures, it requires regular care and maintenance in order to be structurally sound and safe to use. At Boston Ironworks, we encourage our clients to carry out fire escape repairs and maintenance regularly to ensure there are no problems with the structure. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to carry out the repairs:

1. Clean the surface

The first step is to clean the entire structure carefully. Dust and debris can conceal serious structural problems so it’s a good idea to remove all layers of dust before carrying out a visual inspection. This will also make the process of fire escape repairs easier down the line.

2. Inspect the structure

Carry out a thorough visual inspection once the structure is completely clean. Look for visible cracks, loose stairs, lose nuts and bolts, and other such vulnerabilities. Inspect the anchor points where the fire escape is attached to the wall carefully and look for cracks on the wall or metal. Make note of all the visible flaws because some of them might require professional repairs.

3. Scrape old paint and rust

If there are no large cracks and flaws on the surface of the fire escape, you can start working on refurbishing it. Carefully remove the layer of rust and old paint with a sanding paper and wire brush. If there’s too much rust and loose old paint flakes on the surface, new paint won’t adhere to the metal and that will make it vulnerable to moisture and dust and affect the material and its appearance.

4. Prime and paint

After the surface is clean, apply a layer of primer and allow it to dry overnight. This primer will ensure the paint adheres to the surface and will also protect the metal from rust. Once the primer is completely dry, apply a fresh coat of paint. You need to apply two to three coats of paint to get an even finish. Make sure one layer of paint dries completely before applying another one on top of it.

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