Types of Gates Design: Which One is Better?

Types of Gates Design: Which One is Better?

Gates don’t just offer security and privacy, but also enhance your property’s outdoor beauty. They can make a landscape look more sophisticated, a garden charming, and driveway more elegant. At Boston Ironworks, we encourage people to consider the design of these structures carefully. That will help them decide which option is perfect for their home. Here’s a look at Boston gate design choices and tips on how to select a good fit:

1. Wrought iron gates

Wrought iron is a popular gate material. It’s durable, customizable, and strong, able to withstand outdoor conditions for decades. Most wrought iron gates have a classic design comprising bars, scrollwork, and pointed arrowhead-like edges. This is a simple and elegant design with a timeless appeal. If you’re uncertain about gate design and want to play it safe, classic wrought iron gate designs are a good choice.

2. Modern metal gates

Modern metal gates are edgier and more urban in design. Instead of elegant scrollwork and flower patterns, you can choose sharp geometric shapes or patterns. This style fits in perfectly with modern architecture or urban design. It won’t fit in well with English cottage, beach house, or old-school architecture. If you’re looking for something interesting and unique, modern metal Boston gate design is ideal.

3. Metal and wood gates

Most metal gates offer ample security but not enough privacy. That’s why designers recommend installing a mix of metal and wood gates. The metal acts as a frame and an embellishment. You can choose different designs or shapes based on your preference. Wood panels provide additional privacy as they block the view from outside completely. These panels are available in custom colors and can complement its metal framing.

4. Custom design metal gates

Metal is a flexible material so creating a custom design is easy. People commission quirky and strange gate designs like octopus tentacles, spider webs, vines, etc. These gate designs catch everyone’s eyes, awakening their curiosity. It’s important to choose a pattern carefully, so it fits into your property well. If the Boston gate design is too strange, it might ruin your home’s exterior appearance. Professional metal workers can offer advice on gate styling.

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