Types of Residential Fabricated Gates and Doors

Types of Residential Fabricated Gates and Doors

Gates and doors don’t just improve a property’s security, but also have an impact on its looks. That’s why it is important to choose a gate or door that fits in perfectly with the overall architecture of the building. There are different options available and choosing the right one can be a little challenging.

At Boston Ironworks, we have worked on different kinds of fabricated gates and doors, so we are familiar with these products. Here’s a look at your options:

1. Automated Doors

Automated doors are operated by machinery. They open and close automatically so you don’t need to get out of your vehicle. These come in different designs, forms, and can be made from a wide range of materials. Metals like wrought iron, aluminum, and steel are the most popular choices. Automated doors have a motor attached to them, which is connected to an access system. They are more secure than traditional doors.

2. Manual Doors or Gates

These aren’t as popular as they used to be because people don’t want to get out of their car every time they want to enter or exit a property. However, they are ideal for small pathways, entrances, gardens, etc. Well-designed manual fabricated gates and doors add a distinctive charm to any space while improving security. Experienced fabricators create unique designs on these installations so you have something unique on your property.

3. Different Opening Styles

It’s important to choose an opening style carefully because not all fabricated gates and doors will fit the terrain or architecture of your home. Here’s a look at some of the most popular options available:

  • Slide Gates – These gates sit on a track so you can slide them open. They work well on the even ground and require some space on the sides. The gate will be as big as the doorway, which means you need equivalent space on the sides.
  • Swing Gates – These open and close like traditional doors. Depending on the size of the entryway, you can have one or two doors. They require an even ground because if the ground in the door’s opening radius is higher, the gate won’t open fully.

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