Custom Spiral Staircases for Duplex Houses

Custom Spiral Staircases for Duplex Houses

Staircases help you navigate from one level of your home to another so they’re an essential part of your property’s architecture. But that’s not their only function because they can add an interesting design element to your home as well. These structures come in different designs and shapes and can be used to enhance your home’s beauty. One of the best examples of beautiful stairs are custom spiral staircases. At Boston Ironworks, we have seen and created a number of spiral structures and understand their impact on the overall design of a property.

What are Custom Spiral Staircases?

As the same suggests, these staircases are in a spiral form. They have a large center pole that’s surrounded by a spiraling staircase. You can also build a spiral staircase without a central column and only have supporting beams underneath the stair treads. Both of these designs are ideal for small homes with limited amount of space. Custom spiral staircases are often found in apartments and duplexes because of their compact size and elegant design.

What Do You Need to Know About Custom Spiral Staircases?

  • These structures require careful planning and precise measurements. That’s one of the reasons why you must install a custom built structure rather than a pre-fabricated staircase.
  • Spiral staircases aren’t the most user friendly so if you have elderly family members, you need to let the manufacturer know so they can design a more secure and user-friendly staircase.
  • Spiral staircases take up very little space and do not require as much maintenance and care as traditional staircases. That’s especially true if you use good quality materials to build the structure.
  • These staircases can be made from wood, wrought iron, steel, fiberglass, aluminum, and other such materials. Wrought iron and wood are the most popular options available in the market.
  • Most spiral staircases have steel wire or rope guardrails to offer additional support to users. Spiral staircases without guardrails can be a health hazard and require caution.

Well-designed spiral staircases are a worthwhile investment and might even improve the overall value of your property. You just need to make sure the staircase is designed properly and is made from good quality materials.

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