Types Of Metal Decks In Boston

Types Of Metal Decks In Boston

Metal decks are widely used in commercial and industrial settings. The ones that you can choose from include acoustical metal decking, aluminum floor decking, steel floor, and roof decking. Metal decks Boston have corrugated or ribbed profiles and are made via the roll forming process.

Metal decks are used for roofs, floors as well as in the creation of concrete forms. Pneumatically driven pins or screws are used in metal deck installation and the sheets may be welded together as well. We at Boston Ironworks are a leading company in this industry and can provide all types of metal decks, based on your specific needs.

Types of Metal Decks Boston

1. Steel Decks

These are extremely resilient and durable. When used in flooring applications, they lend stability to the framework. In roof decking applications, a narrow rib pattern would need to be created- this increases the strength of the structure and provides good support to the roofing materials.

Steel decks are easy to install, permanent features that are extremely cost-effective too, which is why builders prefer to use this material in their projects. Cold rolled steel is very easy to maintain, is of high quality and lasts for a number of years.

In settings where the decking is exposed to the open air and can become impacted by the elements, it will be galvanized; this helps prevent rusting. You can choose from a number of different coatings and gauges and this means it doesn’t become difficult to fabricate metal decks Boston that are compliant with all the existing codes.

2. Acoustical Metal Decks

These rolled steel decks that are formed into ribs. Acoustical batting is used to fill the indentations in the feature. This lends it acoustical qualities, making it ideal for use in settings where sound control is required. Since it is possible to curve this type of decking, it’s commonly used in domed sports area construction.

3. Aluminum Decking

There has been a significant advancement in alloying techniques and aluminum is now used in various settings and applications. These metal decks Boston are economical, which helps keep construction costs down. In addition, it allows for more variation in the overall feel of the decking and its look as well. But this type of deck needs some additional supports to lend it strength and stability.

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