Keeping them Good: Wrought Iron Gates Maintenance

Keeping them Good: Wrought Iron Gates Maintenance

Wrought iron gates have been around for hundreds of years. Most traditional manors and ancient buildings have these gates because they’re durable, elegant, and worth the expense. If you maintain these gates well, they can last for decades and still look brand new. At Boston Ironworks, we recommend that you follow the steps mentioned below to keep your wrought iron gates in a good condition.

1. Cleaning

Many people don’t bother to clean their wrought iron gates and believe rain or moisture from snow would do the job for them. Rainwater on collected dirt, debris, and bird droppings can cause more harm than good because the mix can create a corrosive substance. The best way to maintain the gates is to clean with them a rag and mild soapy water. Once you have cleaned all corners, simply wipe the gates with dry rags to remove all residues of soap water.

2. Rust Prevention

The only way to avoid rust is to use some preventive measures before the rust has an opportunity to form. You can apply a rust-inhibiting primer or rust-proof finish to your gates before you expose them to the elements. These substances will stop or slow down rust growth and keep your wrought iron gates in a good condition for a long time.

3. Rust Removal

If rust does develop regardless of the preventive measures you take to avoid it, you need to act quickly. If you allow the rust to linger and spread, it will damage the metal and shorten its lifespan. Removing rust is only a matter of sanding the affected areas and applying the rust-inhibiting primer or finish on it. This will stop the spread and ensure your gates remain in good physical condition.

4. Repainting

We recommend that you refinish your wrought iron gates the moment you notice flaking and rust pockets in many sections of the gate. Repainting can easily be a weekend DIY project if you have smaller gates. All you need to do is sand the iron thoroughly and make sure the gates are clean. After that, you must apply a coat of rust-inhibiting primer and allow it to dry before you apply coats of paint. That would make your gates look as good as new.

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