Fire Escapes: Regulations and General Rules

Fire Escapes: Regulations and General Rules

Fire escapes are an important aspect of every building. No matter how fire-resistant your property is, you need to make sure there’s a safe way to exit if there’s a disaster. Property owners are required by law to ensure their fire escape is up to the standards established by building code.

At Boston Ironworks, we believe the best way to do that is to hire a good fire escape service company. They will inspect the structure carefully, repair issues, and carry out scheduled maintenance. Here are some factors to keep in mind when it comes to these structures:

1. There Should Be Two Exits

Unless your property has few people and a very short escape route, it is a good idea to have two or more exits. This ensures people have multiple options; it helps if one egress route is blocked. As a general rule of thumb, make sure there are two options if the escape route is longer than 18 meters and there are more than 60 people on the property.

2. Sizes of the Door

It’s a good idea to ensure the exit door is wide enough to accommodate the crowd of people leaving the building. For 60 people, the door should be at least 750mm wide. If there are more than 220 people in the building, count 5mm for every person in the building. This ensures the doors are wide enough to let people through comfortably.

3. Changes in the Property

Buildings last for decades and sometimes they’re not used for the same purpose they were designed for after a few years. For example, a warehouse is sometimes converted into a restaurant or a store. The fire safety requirements change as the purpose of a structure changes. It’s important to consult with a fire escape service company regarding how the escape can be upgraded according to the latest requirements. You will need an upgrade if:

  • More people use the structure regularly.
  • Activities carried out in the building carry a higher fire risk.
  • One or more fire exit is permanently damaged or obstructed.
  • There’s a temporary obstruction block existing fire escape.
  • If the current escape doesn’t live up to modern standards.


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