Tips to Repaint Your Fabricated Doors

Tips to Repaint Your Fabricated Doors

It’s very easy to refresh the look of your fabricated gates and doors. In fact, you can probably make your door look as good as new in a matter of hours. Even amateur DIYers can easily repaint a wrought iron door. You just need the right tools and to understand the process. At Boston Ironworks, we exclusively deal with fabricated installations. We understand how they work and what kind of care and maintenance they require. Here are our tips of repainting fabricated doors.

  • Cover the Hardware-You need to remove things like door-knobs, handles, and other such fixtures. You should also tape over parts like inset windows and hinges. This would protect these parts and accessories from the paint. The last thing you want is for the paint to get into the hinges and hinder their movement. You should also cover the floor and the door frame to ensure that no paint gets on them.
  • Brushing and Sanding- Once you’ve removed and covered everything, you need to use a wire brush to scrub the entire gate. This would remove the layer of dirt, rust, flakes of old paint, and other such debris from the surface. The gate should be as clean as you can possibly make it as that would allow the paint to adhere to the surface.
  • Primer –After the surface is as clean as you can make it, add a layer of primer that would protect the metal from rust. That will extend the life of your fabricated gates and doors. Primer will also help the paint adhere to the surface properly. Without primer, the paint can peel off in flakes after it dries.
  • Paint-After the primer is dry, you can start applying the paint. You can use different colors to get different effects. Black is the most preferred color for fabricated gates and doors but some people love to experiment with colors like green, blue, grey, etc.

You will need at least 2 even coats of paint to ensure that everything is evenly covered. You should allow the paint to dry thoroughly before you apply the next coat and that should take no more than 24 hours.

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