Safety Recommendations from your Fire Escape Service Company

Safety Recommendations from your Fire Escape Service Company

You never know when you might need to use the fire escape, which is why you need to keep it in good condition. Property owners often forget to maintain their fire escape systems or plan egress routes because no one believes that a fire could happen to them. At Boston Ironworks, we firmly believe that it’s better to be safe than sorry. As a fire escape service company, we recommend that you take the precautions mentioned below and keep your fire escape in good condition.

1. Don’t Block the Exit Routes

The emergency exits are a nearly invisible aspect of our daily lives. Most people pass by them without noticing their existence. Employees, family members, and workers block access to their exit routes by placing boxes, furniture, machines, and other such items near or in front of the door. This can prove to be disastrous during an emergency situation when people are in a hurry to leave.

2. Check The Exit Paths Regularly

You don’t just need to clear the area immediately next to the emergency exit doors, but also need to clear the path to the doors. Make sure that all the pathways that lead to emergency doors don’t have any heavy obstructions or obstacles. Conduct a walkthrough once every few months and report all obstructions. This will help in an emergency situation.

3. Clear the Stairwells and Fire Escape

Professionals from fire escape service companies have noticed that many property owners store items like boxes, plants, and debris in fire escapes and emergency escape stairwells. This can be very risky as it blocks your access to a safe egress route. It’s important to keep your stairwells and fire escape completely clear of debris and clutter.

4. Check the Door Regularly

You should also check the doors to the stairwells and fire escapes regularly. They should open and close without any trouble or delay. If these doors are jammed or difficult to open, you won’t be able to access the fire exit and might get injured during the fire. You can call a professional inspector to check all your egress routes and systems to ensure you have a safe way to exit your property.

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