Starting a Project: Wrought Iron Fences Sizes and Recommendations

Starting a Project: Wrought Iron Fences Sizes and Recommendations

Fences are an important part of a property’s outdoor appearance. A great fence will contribute to your home’s value and curb appeal, but a bad one can easily become an eyesore. At Boston Ironworks, we have worked with wrought iron fences for several years now and encourage people to consider fence height carefully. It’s not uncommon for property owners to install a taller or shorter fence that they need. Here are some options to consider:

1. 3-Foot Fence

These fences are short and often used as decorative elements or mark a section of outdoor space. For example, these fences are used to mark out patios, small yards, gardens, and other such smaller spaces. They’re unobtrusive and provide a clear view of the surround areas. These fences are short enough to all most people and dogs to get over it. They can also be a tripping hazard for taller individuals. You can install it at ground height or on top of masonry walls.

2. 4-Foot Wrought Iron Fences

This is one of the most popular sizes for fences because 4 feet strike the right balance between security and visibility. This fence is a challenge for most people to scale and only the biggest or most agile of dogs can scale the structure. This means children and pets can be safe inside the barrier. It is also easier for people to converse with their neighbors over the fence without feeling boxed in.

3. 5-Foot Fence

This is more secure than the two options mentioned above. Five-foot fences are more difficult to scale so it can keep intruders out and pets or children in. While it is possible to converse with neighbors over this fence, you will still feel closed in because the bars are quite tall. These fences are more suitable for larger projects and should ideally be placed further away from the house.

4. 6-Foot Wrought Iron Fences

This fence will definitely keep pets and children in and pose a significant challenge to intruders. They are very tall and will obstruct the view of surrounding areas. They make larger properties feel more enclosed and private as well as suitable for wide open spaces.

All of these options serve different purposes and are used differently. It’s a good idea to consult with an expert if you’re uncertain.

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