The Importance of Having Handicap Ramps in Boston

The Importance of Having Handicap Ramps in Boston

It’s easy to ignore the needs of the less physically able people of our society. Very few property owners have to go that extra mile and spend money on handicap support systems and installations. They don’t install ramps that can provide easy access to people in wheelchairs.

Unfortunately, this can cause considerable amount of stress and embarrassment to people with those disabilities. At Boston Ironworks, we strongly believe that every building, especially public buildings, should have handicap ramps because:

  • Access-According to rules and regulations of several states, new buildings must have ramps and other such facilities to permit access to people with physical disabilities. However, there are still a large number of old buildings and properties that don’t provide such facilities and can be difficult for differently abled people to access.

As a property owner, it is your responsibility to install a handicap ramp in Boston on your premises. You won’t just give access to wheelchair-bound people but also to individuals with injuries, and the elderly.

  • You Have Choice- When it comes to building a handicap ramp in Boston, expense is the biggest deterrent; but they really aren’t that expensive. There are three options available to you; you can build permanent ramps with brick and mortar, install pre-fabricated ramps made from iron or other metals, or purchase portable ramps. This depends on your budget and all of these ramps are safe for use; so you don’t need to worry about portable and iron ones being flimsy.
  • Low Maintenance –These ramps won’t be an added burden on you, because they won’t require much maintenance. Even iron and portable ramps are usually made to withstand outdoor conditions and endure the weather. Even exposure to Boston winters won’t cause too much damage. You might need to apply rust coating once every few years; but other than that they won’t require much by way of maintenance.
  • Reputation-If you make your business property handicap-friendly, you’re reputation would benefit from it. People would be more likely to come to your business than head for your competitors, which would have an impact on your revenue. It’s very likely that your reputation might actually suffer if handicapped individuals are hurt or have difficulty while accessing your property.

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