Metal Decks Maintenance: A Quick Guide

Metal Decks Maintenance: A Quick Guide

There are a number of outdoor decking materials available in the market today, but steel proves to be the most resilient and durable one. Steel is increasingly being used in deck installations as well in the in the installation of various other outdoor features. However, the one downside to having a metal deck is that it’s susceptible to rust.

Metal decks in Boston- some tips

If you want the feature to look good and last for a number of years, you would have to maintain it well. Our deckling experts at Boston Ironworks have put together this basic maintenance guide that should come in handy:

  • Surface primer application- Applying a good-quality surface primer is one of the best preventive maintenance steps you can take. Not only does it protect the deck from rust but makes maintenance easier as well. Primers are available in roll-on as well as spray-on variants and the application is similar to applying paint.
  • Restoration of rusted decking- If you find that your metal deck is showing signs of rust, it’s still possible to fix the problem and restore it to its original condition. These are the steps you would have to follow:
  1. Scrape away all the rust that’s formed on the surface of the deck, using heavy grit metal sandpaper.
  2. First use an 80 number sandpaper to tackle all the rust spots and then use a 150 number sandpaper to smoothen out the patch.
  3. Once the steel deck has been cleared of all the rust, you just have to apply a coat of primer.
  • Primer application– You will find primers in a variety of colors; however, it’s a good idea to also apply a coat of paint over the primer. This gives the metal decks in Boston an added layer of protection from rust.
  • Paint reapplication– We recommend that you should annually apply one fresh coat of paint to the decking, as this will provide the surface optimal protection. If you have already applied up to 3 coats of paint, it’s important that you use sandpaper to remove all the previous layers. Then simply apply a fresh coat of primer and paint to keep your metal deck well protected and looking new.

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