Choosing A Reliable Fire Escape Ladder

Choosing A Reliable Fire Escape Ladder

Fire escape ladder is an alternative way to safely exit your home or business offices during cases of emergencies. This type of escape ladder serves best for people who are trapped in the second floor or higher level of a building. The importance of a fire escape ladder may often be overlooked especially by homeowners. They usually do not recognize its added safety contribution not until they get a close encounter with death due to house fire or criminal invasions.

Fire escape ladder is often associated with commercial buildings. Many people think that installing fire escape ladders are mere compliance to building codes. What they greatly miss is the fact that uneventful emergencies may happen and that they are not well equipped to save their own lives as well as the lives of their family members.
Failure to have a fire escape ladder and merely relying on indoor stairs for exit can be deadly. What if the fire started on your stairs? Where do you go next? Jumping out of the window is a high risk escape. It is a do or die escape strategy. So be smart and always be a step ahead when it comes to home or business office safety. Get those fire escape ladders installed now!
Selecting the best escape ladder is as important as deciding to have one installed. So make sure to consider the following considerations before you purchase fire escape ladders:

How long?
Factor in the height of the escape ladder. Make sure that it is long enough to help you get to the ground in case of an emergency. To make sure you have the right length, measure the height from the window to the ground where you want your escape ladder installed. If you have multiple windows, it is best to do this on each window since the height may vary depending on the window’s location.

How wide?
Determining the width of the escape ladder is very important. Ensure that you base your measurement from the window where you will be attaching the ladder. To do this, you have to get the window’s inner width. Always remember that the wider the ladder, the safer and easier it is for you to escape. Do not over estimate the measurement of the ladder’s width.

ASTM F2175 Fire Code Compliance
American Society for Testing and Materials always rates whether an emergency escape is reliable or not. Always check for an ASTM approved label before purchasing any fire escape ladders.

How easy to use?
Panic can sometimes get to you during cases of emergency. An escape ladder that is complicated to operate may lead you to being trapped inside the house or a building. To avoid this, always check how the escape ladder works before buying one. Always go for ladders that are easy to deploy.

How reliable?
To have an idea on the reliability and durability of fire escape ladders, it is advisable to read consumer reviews especially if you are planning to purchase online.

If you have carefully considered the following factors, you are now ready to purchase a fire escape ladder. It may not be for your daily use, but fire escape ladders equip you to be fully prepared to face any major emergencies.

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