Boston Balconies and Decks Building

Boston Balconies and Decks Building

Decks and balconies are a great way to utilize the outdoor space. They add to the aesthetics and the value of the property and can be a good investment. At Boston Ironworks, we’ve noticed that our clients are often confused by the amount of Boston balconies & deck design options available in the market today.

They struggle to choose the right option for their budget and preferences and are forced to compromise. Here are some tips that will help you make the right choice:

The type of sheathing

The sheathing is the deck or balcony surface and it plays an important role in the overall aesthetics of the structure. That’s why it’s important to choose the type of sheathing carefully. There are two options available to you and they include boards and panel sheathing.

Board sheathing is the more traditional option dating back to a time when the pine was the only choice of material available for outdoor Boston balconies & deck installations. While there are other materials options available, the board design is still a charming addition to any type of architecture. They can be spaced out or interlocked based on your particular design preferences and requirements.

Paneled sheathing provides a more seamless appearance compared to board sheathing because there are fewer gaps and joints on the surface. Installers place large panels of the material on the deck or balcony surface and connect them together. Both of these options require different installation techniques in order to last for a long time without much wear and tear.

Types of materials available

There are a number of material options available in the market and you can choose an option based on the property architecture, your budget, personal design preferences, and other such factors. These options include:

  • Solid hardwood – This is the traditional option and looks great with all kinds of architecture. However, it is expensive and difficult to install and maintain.
  • Pressure-treated lumber – This material looks like wood and performs like wood, but is much more affordable. While it’s not as durable as natural hardwood, it is a good option for Boston balconies & deck features.
  • Metal – Metal is also a good option for decks and balconies because it’s durable, resilient, and easy to maintain. It’s relatively affordable and easy to customize.


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