Things You Need to Know About Spiral Staircases

Things You Need to Know About Spiral Staircases

Since mediaeval times, spiral staircases have adorned the interiors and exteriors of churches and castles. Even though there has been a distinct evolution in the materials and styling of these elements, there is something very alluring about having an elegant spiral staircase in your home or commercial establishment. Today, these are used more as space savers and to add to the aesthetics of the place.

Versatility and Aesthetics 

Spiral staircases are used in a number of settings. Take a look at what these are:

  • Open-Plan Living Spaces– Current day designers who lean towards open floor plans find it very difficult to accommodate regular staircases in their design. They do not like the idea of the “dead space” that gets left under straight designs. Instead they prefer adding a spiral staircase to the space. This will generally have a balustrade and open steps and adds to the openness of the design
  • Exteriors & Fire Safety- When architects are designing buildings that have open plans or if the outdoor spaces on a property are not too large, they prefer adding a spiral staircase. They may also end up adding this feature as a fire escape- it becomes a highly-functional and aesthetic option
  • Awkward Floor Spaces- Some modest-sized homes have straight staircases with awkward corners around them which cannot be used for anything. The one way to make optimum use of this space is  to opt for a metal spiral staircase from Boston Ironworks

Mezzanine Floors-If you want to create some more floor space without actually adding an extension to your home, you can add a mezzanine floor to an existing room.  Installing a spiral staircase makes it easy to access this space and adds an elegant look to the interiors

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