Driveway Gates Installation Tips

Driveway Gates Installation Tips

Driveway gates are a great way to secure your property and add to its curb appeal. However, they need to be installed correctly to work well. If you install the gates in a bad location, you won’t be able to open and close them comfortably. At Boston Ironworks, we provide the tips mentioned below to all our clients who want to install driveway gates properly.

1. Location of the Gate

Don’t place the gate too close to the roadway because that would mean the car would have to wait and will obstruct traffic while the gate opens. The driveway gates should be some distance away from the open road. You should also consider the size of each gate and how it opens to determine if there are any obstacles in the path to open the gates. For example, if your driveway is on a slope, the gate won’t have enough ground clearance to open completely.

2. Location of the Posts

Before you install the posts, measure the possible distance between them carefully. If the posts are too far apart or too close, the driveway gates won’t operate well or secure your property. Measure the distance two to three times and mark the location of the posts clearly to ensure you dig in the right place.

3. The Ground Underneath the Gate

The ground underneath the gate should be flat and level. You can determine this by running a string over the ground and looking at the distance between the string and the ground at different locations. With the help of a level, ensure the string is perfectly straight. If the gap between the floor and the string is too narrow in some places, you need to level the ground.

4. The Post Holes

You need to make sure the holes aren’t too round and are textured enough to hold the posts in place. The concrete should be a little stiff as that will help the posts stay upright. If it’s liquid, you’ll have to add a brace to keep the posts upright.

After the posts are installed, use the level to ensure they’re as straight as they can be before you hang the driveway gates. You can use adjustable hinges to compensate for any difference.

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