Types of Iron Fences Designs

Types of Iron Fences Designs

Iron is a very versatile material and can be molded into a number of different shapes and sizes. That’s one of the reasons why iron fences are popular and have been used for centuries now. There are a number of iron fence options available in the market today and property owners often struggle to make the right choice for their property. At Boston Ironworks, we like to help clients as much as we can so here’s a brief introduction to different types of iron fence designs.

1. Traditional and simple design

The traditional and simple design for iron fences includes two horizontal bars and several vertical bars spanning the length of the fenced area. Sometimes you can add a bit of interest to the design by placing metal finials on top of each vertical bar. The design is minimalistic, elegant, and more affordable than other design options available. This fence can fit into all kinds of architecture and design.

2. Elegant scrollwork

As iron is malleable, it can be molded into different shapes and patterns. Scrollwork is one of the most popular decorative patterns used in ironworking. The scroll work design softens the appearance of the metal and makes the fence look more elegant and artistic. Scrollwork adds a touch of traditional and classical design to the fence, making it ideal for traditional architecture.

3. Thick metal slats

Bars and scrollwork offer security and add beauty to the property, but they don’t provide any privacy as they’re thin and widely spaced. Metal slat fences are made from wide metal slats placed close to one another, creating a solid privacy barrier. These iron fences also improve the overall security of the property because they’re not easy to scale. This fence requires a little more maintenance but it’s quite durable and will last for years without problems.

4. Iron fence panels

Like metal slat fences, the iron panel fence also offers complete privacy and security. These fences are made from solid panels of iron and block the view completely. They appear stark and minimalistic so they can fit in well with modern and contemporary architecture. They’re not as customizable as some of the other iron fences available in the market. Homeowners only install this option if they want absolute privacy and good security.


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