Creative and Homely – Ornamental Ironworks

Creative and Homely – Ornamental Ironworks

Wrought iron is very elegant. There’s something very luxurious and attractive about these metal installations. No matter what shape they take, they seem to just add to the design of any home. At Boston Ironworks, we see several clients using ornamental wrought iron to add interesting design elements to their home. There are several ways you can use ornamental ironworks to incorporate elegance to your home. Here are some tips and recommendations for you to consider.


Wrought iron doors and gates look great without being as expensive as some of the other installations. They can come in different designs and leave a great first impression on your visitors and guests. They can easily be a part of your home décor. You can order a custom design that expresses your individual taste and sense of artistry.

We’ve seen people installing doors and gates with vines, spider webs, octopus tentacles, etc. With your imagination and the skill of the ironworker, you can create a variety of designs that would impress everyone who visits.


Wrought iron is often used in railings. Again, this metal adds elegance to any home and is very versatile. It can be designed to fit into a contemporary home, a cottage-style home, an industrial or urban home, etc.

Railings can line your stairs, balconies, patio, deck, pool, and other such areas. In fact, wrought iron railings can also be incorporated into the gardens and backyards. These ornamental ironworks will add a sense of style and timelessness to your home.

Brackets, Mirrors, Candle-Holders

As we mentioned before, wrought iron can be molded into different shapes and forms. Using it as brackets for shelves, frames for mirrors or pictures, or as candle holders can add a very interesting decorative element to your home. These are smaller and relatively inexpensive items but they make your house look put-together and charming.


From elegant to rustic, wrought iron chandeliers can take any form. These are actually more affordable than other kinds of chandeliers available in the market. A crystal or glass installation would cost you several thousand dollars while a wrought iron one would be relatively inexpensive.

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