Custom Spiral Staircases Maintenance

Custom Spiral Staircases Maintenance

Like all man-made structures, custom spiral staircases are vulnerable to wear and tear. Regular use, exposure to different temperature conditions or moisture, dust, etc., can cause damage over time. The only way to avoid all of this damage is to ensure your staircase is well-maintained from the get-go. At Boston Ironworks, we recommend the tips mentioned below for maintaining your spiral staircases:

1. Retighten all Accessible Fixtures

Nuts, bolts, screws, and similar features can come loose with regular use, even after a week or so after installation. It’s a good idea to check them at regular intervals and ensure they are secure. Retighten all nuts and bolts if needed to make sure your staircase is safe to use. Pay special attention to bolts securing the top tread of the staircase to the joist as this impacts the structural integrity of the staircase. You should also check and retighten the bolts securing individual treads to tread brackets. It’s a good idea to do this in week one, then at three months, nine months and then annually after the installation.

2. Compression Chamber

The main compression chamber is located at the top of your spiral staircase. It’s a good idea to tighten it every few months. Check to make sure it is always secure and doesn’t budge with the movements on the stair. Experts recommend checking the compression chamber on custom spiral staircases once every few months immediately after installation and once a year after the first year. This will help keep the staircase secure.

3. Structural Items

The next step is to make sure all structural items are secure. These items include staircase landings, balustrades, railings, and similar external elements. Check them carefully to ensure they don’t move or rattle during use. If there is movement, retighten all loose bolts or screws you find carefully until these structural elements stop moving.

Things like balustrades and railings provide support while climbing the stairs so it is important to make sure they are secure at all times. Poorly secured railings can lead to falls or accidents. Spiral staircases don’t require a lot of effort or maintenance, but some TLC every now and then will ensure the structure remains in good condition and is safe to use.

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