Appealing and Functional: Custom Spiral Staircases Designs

Appealing and Functional: Custom Spiral Staircases Designs

Installing custom spiral staircases in your home is one of the best ways to add the interest quotient to the place. Modern day architecture and interior design lean very heavily on the use of open floor plans and more universal designs, which is why you don’t commonly see spiral staircases in homes these days.  If you are wondering whether custom spiral staircases are for you, refer to the information below:

Designs for Custom Spiral Staircases

Today there are a large number of design and material options to choose from for your spiral staircase structure and we at Boston Ironworks can customize solutions for you. Here we take a look at some custom spiral staircases designs:

1. Open Design

If your house has an open floor plan, it’s a good idea to get a complementing design for your spiral staircase as well. We can create features with a minimalistic design that blends in well with the overall modern aesthetic of your home. It’s a great addition to a house with an open loft design and it opens up space visually.

2. Closed Design

If you’re looking for a more classic feature, you can opt for a closed design spiral staircase that can be incorporated into an alcove or wide niche area with walls running along the staircase. This creates a very intriguing and romantic look in that area. Niches in the walls can be designed to place candles or small artifacts and decorative items to add appeal to this charming staircase.

3. Functional Space Design

Some interior design concepts incorporate spiral staircases that lead nowhere and have more of a cosmetic value. However, in most cases, stairs lead to a floor or area above the existing space. It can become a connecting element between the living space on the lower level and a library, home office and even an entertainment room on the upper one.

4. Industrial Design

Today, many homeowners are opting for an industrial design theme for the interiors of their home. We can design and build custom spiral staircases with an industrial design. This could include exposed metal and rustic looking rough-polished wood railings. This design will fit right in with elements like copper piping and distressed cabinets.

Aside from these, you can also opt for square or embellished custom spiral staircases. For more information on these and any other metal grill features, please call Boston Ironworks at 617 657 3117. You can also fill in this contact us form. We’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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