Certification of Fire Escapes in Boston

Certification of Fire Escapes in Boston

Maintaining a fire escape should be of prime importance for any building or apartment complex. If fire escapes in Boston are maintained on a regular basis, ‘if’ being the operative word, then they should last as long as the building. In the unlikely event of a fire, and people living in the apartment complex needing to use it in an emergency, it would become more of a safety hazard than an escape route, if it isn’t maintained well.

Also the building /complex owners would be liable to pay penalties for violating the Building Code regarding the upkeep of the fire escapes. Boston Ironworks provides you with maintenance of fire escapes as well as certification.

Certification requirements:

  • Fire escape certification is granted only after there is clear evidence that the fire escapes in Boston are rust free and in proper maintained state
  • There should be no structural changes in the premises, which could cause the area near and around the fire escape to be compromised
  • The certification is granted only by a structural engineer who will visit the site anywhere between three to five times a year. He will oversee if any repairs being carried out are in accordance with the Code of the Fire Escape System before giving the final sign off to start with the full paint job
  • You could face a hefty fine if it is found that the workers hired by you do not have a renovator’s license.
  • Repair and maintenance of drop down ladders
  • Rebalance the  cantilevers
  • Rusted areas scraped off before painting
  • Full fire escape painting services
  • Fire escape certification

Refurbishing a Fire Escape

Should you need to refurbish your fire escape, there are a few points to take into consideration before hiring someone to do the job, the repair process should include:

Unsafe fire escapes

An unsafe fire escape is a total violation of the City Building Code. Residents should be confident about the escape route they will use in case of an emergency. It is however better to get your fire escapes maintained on a regular basis as renovation is both less disruptive and less expensive as compared to a complete replacement.

A total replacement would cost a whole lot more and take a couple of months before it is completed. A note here; as per the law, residents have to move out when the apartment in question is having the fire escapes replaced. For more information about Fire escape certification, call Boston Ironworks today on 617 657 3117 with your requests or contact us via this online form.

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