Top Reasons to Consider Having Custom Spiral Staircases

Top Reasons to Consider Having Custom Spiral Staircases

Multi-storied properties need a staircase so people living there can move between floors easily. These staircases come in different sizes, shapes, designs, and colors. Most traditional staircases are straight and boxy, and usually don’t add much beauty to the interior or exterior appearance of the property.

At Boston Ironworks, we encourage clients to consider custom spiral staircases. These features offer a number of advantages that make them a worthwhile investment. Here are some reasons why you should consider getting them installed on your property:

1. Small footprint

One of the most noticeable advantages of spiral staircases is their footprint. These structures provide the advantages of a traditional staircase but have a relatively small footprint so they don’t take up much floor space. This makes custom spiral staircases the ideal solution for small properties and apartments. You can free up a lot of space by replacing the traditional staircase with a spiral one.

2. Design

Custom spiral staircases look elegant and sophisticated, especially if they’re made from materials like wrought iron. They fit in perfectly with all kinds of decor and architecture, whether you have a traditional cottage-style home or a modern minimalist space. Wrought iron spiral staircases are most popular but these structures can be made from other materials like wood and stainless steel as well.

3. Good for both interior and exterior installations

Spiral staircases are excellent for both interior and exterior installations. You just need to choose the right material and design based on the location of the installation. If the spiral staircase is to be installed outdoors, the material needs to be more weather resistant and durable. If the spiral staircase is to be installed indoors, the material needs to be more malleable to allow room for intricate design.

4. Customizable

This is also one of the biggest advantages of custom spiral staircases. It’s easy and affordable to order a custom design for your property. Clients can request something unique and interesting, add personal flourishes, and ensure the staircase design fits in with the overall aesthetic of the property. It’s not as easy or affordable to customize traditional staircases, especially those made from wood.


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