Ornamental Iron Repair: Step By Step

Ornamental Iron Repair: Step By Step

Ornamental iron railings and grillwork are extremely resilient and are able to withstand exposure to the elements well. But there are times when the elements and age take their toll on the features and these installations begin to show signs of deterioration.

If you have features made of ornamental iron Boston on your property and have noticed signs of wear in it, call us without delay. It’s never a good idea to defer getting this kind of damage or deterioration fixed as that can only lead to further problems and expenses.


Ornamental Iron Repair Process

We at Boston Ironworks provide excellent repair service for ornamental iron Boston; these are the steps we follow:

  1. The rusted ornamental iron Boston will be removed from your staircase. This will be done by bending it and breaking it free, cutting it with a reciprocating saw, or by just simply bending it and loosening it from the main structure.
  2. Using a hammer-drill with a 3/8” diameter masonry bit we will carefully drill out all the old railing bits that may still be embedded in the staircase. A few closely spaced holes will be drilled right around the spot where the bits are and then pulled out with a strong pair of pliers.
  3. Our experts will then use a reciprocating saw (metal-cutting blade) to cut the railing legs so they are flush with the structure.
  4. We will apply some spray primer to the bare metal at the ends of the railing.
  5. Some bonding adhesive will be squeezed into the hollow area of the railing legs, and the extensions will be properly inserted into them.
  6. Each of the leg extensions will be secured with a single 3/16”diameter x 3/8”-long pop rivet.
  7. All the debris & dust will be cleaned from the railing holes in your concrete staircase using a dry/wet vacuum.
  8. The repaired railing will be set into place on the staircase. A level will be used to ensure the feature is perfectly plumb. It will then be temporarily secured to the house using some duct tape.
  9. Hydraulic cement and water will be mixed in a bucket.
  10.  A pointed trowel will be used to apply the cement to the hole around your railing legs. The cement will be forced deep into each hole, and the excess cement will be cleaned away from the surface using a damp cloth.
  11. The cement will be allowed to cure for two full days before we remove the tape and you can then start using the railing.

For questions and inquiries about repairs of ornamental iron Boston, you can call Boston Ironworks at 617 657 3117. You can also fill in this contact us form. We’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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