Different Types of Driveway Gates Available in the Market Today

Different Types of Driveway Gates Available in the Market Today

There are several advantages of installing driveway gates in Boston. Not only are they very elegant additions to your property, they increase the security of your home. They’ll also increase the value of your property and enhance your curb appeal. However, choosing the right one can be a difficult. There are several different types of gates available in the market today and trying to understand which would suit your purpose isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Slide Gate

A slide gate consists of a gate that slides either to the left or the right. You need space as wide as the driveway adjacent to the gate. This category of gates can be divided into three different kinds of slide gates and that usually confuses people. The gates mentioed below are automatic slide gates.

  • V-track slide gates – Not really suitable for Boston climate because the v-track needs to be clear of debris and ice.
  • Rear pipe tack slide gates – This gate isn’t ideal for Boston weather either, but it is commonly used amongst the chain link gates.
  • Cantilever slide gates – We always recommend cantilever gates because they work well in areas that see heavy snow fall and ice. The cantilever slide gates also consist of full cantilever, top hang cantilever, bottom track cantilever, etc.
  • Single door swing gate
  • Double door swing gate

Swing Gates

These are perhaps the most popular driveway gates in Boston. As the name implies, these gates swing open like a normal door would. They can swing out or swing in, depending on your choice. Bear in mind, the outward swinging gates can’t be installed everywhere because they have a tendency to block the pathway. It’s always a better idea to install inward swinging gates unless you have no other choice. These gates come with options too.

The single door gates are a good idea if you have a small driveway and limited space. It’s not such a good idea for a wide driveway, where a double door swing gate would be more preferable. Bear in mind that swing gates won’t work that well in uneven terrain or on an uphill driveway.

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