Everything You Need To Know About Wrought Iron Gates

Everything You Need To Know About Wrought Iron Gates

Wrought iron gates are very popular, mostly because they’re elegant, have a timeless design, and are more affordable now. It’s important to choose the right gates for your property because the wrong design can compromise the look and curb appeal. Before you purchase a gate, we at Boston Ironworks, recommend you consider the information mentioned below.

What is Wrought Iron?

Wrought iron is a tough and malleable form of iron and is suitable for forging or rolling, which gives fabricators considerable amount of flexibility when it comes to design. In the most specific terms, it only refers to one material; but these days, people often refer to any type of ornate metal or steel gates that have the look of wrought iron.

How Are They Created?

Modern technology has evolved enough to make the process easier and quicker. Traditionally, wrought iron gates were hand-forged by a blacksmith with the help of various tools. The iron is heated until it is soft enough to mold into the desired shape with the help of hammers, scroll jigs, anvils, etc. This is a long, laborious process, which is why wrought iron gates, especially manually manufactured ones can be quite expensive. Blacksmiths use various modern tools and techniques to simplify the process, which reduces the overall cost.

What are the Gates Really Made Of?

Most wrought iron gates available in the market are really made of cast iron or mild steel. This doesn’t compromise on the quality by a large margin, but it does have an impact on the price of the gates. Steel and cast iron gates are easier to produce and are mass produced so they’re more affordable in comparison to traditional wrought iron gates. While the real wrought iron gates are more resilient and certainly worth the added cost, if you only want them for aesthetic appeal, you can choose steel and cast iron.

Steel is easier to shape and fabricators can create intricate designs without spending too much time on the job. The material is also quite resilient, especially if high-quality steel is used. Cast iron is slightly brittle and isn’t as resilient as steel and wrought iron, which is why it’s the most affordable option of all.

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