Fabricated Gates Design: Garage Doors Solutions

Fabricated Gates Design: Garage Doors Solutions

Garage doors are a very visible feature of your home’s exterior. A great garage door will blend into the exteriors easily without disrupting the design flow. A bad garage door will stand out like a sore thumb and destroy your entire home’s appeal. At Boston Ironworks, we believe it is important to explore all available fabricated gates design options carefully before making a decision. Here’s a look at the options available to you:

1. Types of Garage Doors

There are four distinct styles of garage doors based on how they open. These options are: swing out, swing up, slide, and roll up. Roll up doors are most popular because they’re more convenient and don’t take up much space. They roll up towards the ceiling when they open and keep the entire doorway open.

Swing out doors swing open towards the driveway. They are popular because they don’t take up space near the ceiling and have a distinctive design. Swing up doors move up and stay parallel against the ceiling. They are quite common in residential properties.

Sliding garage doors are more suitable for properties with enough space on either side of the door. This allows the door to slide open easily and allow the car in. This door is more suitable for large properties.

2. Common Door Materials

Fabricated gates design can vary based on the materials used to make it. Every door material has its pros and cons, which is why it is important to consider the type of door material carefully. Your options include:

  • Wood – Wood is one of the most attractive garage door materials. It looks rich, luxurious, and has a distinctive charm that will add to the beauty of your home. However, wood requires frequent maintenance and can be very expensive.
  • Steel – Steel is much more resistant to the weather compared to wood. It looks great, doesn’t require as much maintenance, and its cost is lower than wood. However, it is prone to dents and scratches if you aren’t careful. High-quality steel garage doors are very resilient and come in a wide range of appealing designs.
  • Aluminum – Aluminum is a very affordable and versatile material. It doesn’t require much maintenance and can be fabricated into different forms easily. That’s one of the reasons why it is a popular garage door material.

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