Wrought Iron Railings Restoration Guide

Wrought Iron Railings Restoration Guide

Wrought iron is a very resilient and long-lasting material and any fencing, stairs or railings that are made using this material can last for a number of years, with careful and regular maintenance. However, if you aren’t careful, the wrought iron railings can get affected by rust, which will impact its integrity and appearance.

Fortunately, this metal can be restored to its original appearance; using the right techniques and tools can also protect your wrought iron railings from future damage. Here is a basic restoration guide:

  1. Remove all the old paint and rust- Remove all the peeling or loose paint with a paint scraper and scrub away old paint flakes and loose rust with a wire brush. Reach into all the intricate designs and tight spots to make sure all the rust has been removed. Use a coarse-grit sandpaper to scrape off any remnants of paint and rust and to smoothen the surface of the railings and fence. Use fine steel wool to buff the entire railing and then rinse off all the remaining rust.
  2. Neutralize rust– While it’s important to remove all the loose rust from your wrought iron railings; it’s also crucial that you remove all the rust particles that aren’t easily visible to the naked eye. Mix a commercial-grade rust neutralizer as per the instructions on the packaging. Dip a wire brush into the solution & scrub the entire railing and fencing in a circular motion. You also have the option to use a 50-50 solution of lemon juice and vinegar to make sure the remaining rust particles are neutralized.
  3. Primer and paint– Paint all the surfaces of the railing and the fence with a coat of rust-inhibiting metal primer. Leave this to dry for a minimum of 4 hours; then apply 2 thick, rust-resistant coats of paint over the primer. Make sure all the areas have been covered completely.
  4. Maintain- Once all the rust has been removed and the fencing has been repaired, it’s crucial that you perform regular maintenance of your wrought iron railings. Wash the railing with diluted, soapy water at least twice a year. Use steel wool to buff away any scratches or the starting signs of rust; neutralize these with lemon juice & vinegar again. After neutralizing, touch-up al the areas that have been scratched, using rust-resistant paint.

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