Create Stunning Spaces with Ironwork & Metalwork Features

Create Stunning Spaces with Ironwork & Metalwork Features

Not all metal works need fire to melt and work it, the earliest dated evidence of metalworking in America was in Wisconsin where copper was hammered until fragile and then heated so it could be worked on some more. This information is dated about 4000-5000BC. Today, welding is used to create exquisite pieces of metal art that is decorative and functional too.

Iron work and Metalwork is a very old craft, which covers a large area of work and is used in various applications. Today specialist metalworkers can make a wide range of products for use in homes and commercial space; from huge metal gates and balustrades, staircases to railings and fencing. They will work with you to design and manufacture products to your specifications. 

Wrought Iron Metal Works

Wrought iron is being widely used today in house decoration to make gates, fences and even spiral staircases. Once installed, (and regularly maintained) these features can last a lifetime.  In most instances, deterioration of these features is caused by rust, but regular maintenance and a fresh coat of paint can keep them looking new.

Ideally, professionals should be hired to handle these easy yet regular checks. They would be in the best position to tell you about deterioration in the piece of metalwork (if any), which you might not have noticed. Repair work of wrought iron requires different techniques to make the job successful, and is not something you will be able to handle yourself.

Ornamental metalwork

Today a lot of homeowners use different types of ornamental metal work to beautify their properties. If used on the exteriors, they give the property a lovely Victorian period look, and could spruce-up the look of any space. Besides gates and railings, many other features are being fabricated using ironwork and metalwork and the material is fast becoming a style statement in fashionable homes. Materials for ornamental metalwork can be as varied as you like and can afford. You can choose between aluminum, brass, bronze, cast iron, copper, stainless steel, and wrought iron.

The latter has made a big headway in gardens too, and balustrades and ornamental garden features are made with it. We at Boston Ironworks fabricate a wide selection of metalwork and ironworks and create exquisite pieces that are crafted to perfection. Call 617 657 3117 or Contact us and we will help you design and create a product of your choice.

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