The Charm and Beauty of a Spiral Staircase

The Charm and Beauty of a Spiral Staircase

Today, a number of homeowners who have multi-storey homes opt to get a Spiral Staircase installation. This is the perfect alternative to standard straight-styled or winding stairs.  Though traditional designs and styles also offer a number of benefits, there are various reasons why people prefer using spiral staircases in their homes or commercial properties. Lets a take a look at what some of these are:

  • Space Savers– This becomes one of the key factors why people opt for these installations.  Regardless of whether you have a small or large indoor space, you want to be assured that you can use it in the most functional manner. Why waste precious floor space on traditional stairs when you can have a beautiful and elegant Boston Ironworks’ Spiral Staircase rising into the ceiling?
  • Flexibility– This is a very important factor when it comes to the position of the installation. Traditional styled stairs have to be placed at specific spots in a building. On the other hand, when you consider installing a Spiral Staircaseyou have the freedom to position it wherever you like. This gives you flexibility in terms of space usage and you are able to plan the rest of interiors in a much better way.

Interestingly, if  you feel  that you don’t want to use  up the internal space at all  in building a staircase, you  can still  build a Spiral Staircase outside  the house and provide access  to the upper  floors. Since it fits into such a small space, even if the outdoor area is not too large, you will still be able to have form and function in the installation.

  • Aesthetics –  Just as its important  to focus  on function, it’s also important  to  ensure that  the look of  the staircase  blends in well with the look  of your  home.  Spiral Staircases arethe best way to create a visual impact in any space. Anyone who walks into a space that has a spiral staircase will always give it a second look.

You can opt for stairs made of metal, wood and metal or even with a combination of glass.  Choose a good company like Boston Ironworks for the Spiral Staircases installation and we will be able to provide you the solutions you want that fit perfectly into your budget. Call us on 617 657 3117 or reach us via this online form.

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