Different Types of Custom Spiral Staircases for your Home

Different Types of Custom Spiral Staircases for your Home

Spiral staircases can add character and beauty to your home. They have a unique and attractive design that can easily fit into all kinds of architecture and preferences. At Boston Ironworks, we can fabricate all kinds of custom spiral staircases and ensure they fit in with the overall look and feel of your property. Here’s a short introduction to different types of spiral staircases you can install in your home.

1. Simple Spiral Staircase

This is the most common design for spiral staircases and consists of wedge-shaped steps that anchor on the surrounding walls on the outside and a spring bearing pillar on the inside. The support system can be made from masonry materials and provide a solid anchor to the stairs.

2. Stairs without Perimeter Walls

This particular staircase is more popular among people with smaller properties because it doesn’t require a perimeter wall. The outer portion of the staircases isn’t anchored to any support system. The stairs rely on engineering and a solid center support system to remain steady. The steps are cantilevered and attached to a heavy board-bearing support column in the center. Some clients do worry about the structural integrity of these stairs, but they’re just as resilient and strong as any other stair you can install in your property.

3. Curved Spiral String

This is a very unique and interesting custom spiral staircase design. It’s quite difficult to manufacture, which is why few people install it in their homes. In this design, the individual steps are embedded firmly in curved spiral string that passes through a carrying rail. The overall design is very elegant and sophisticated so it can easily fit into modern style homes.

4. Steel Spiral Staircase

This design has a steel spiral and a solid inner support column. It’s one of the most commonly used designs and is considered very stable. It has a thick walled metal pipe in the center that efficiently bears all the load of the staircase. The steel railings at the end provide ample support so this design is ideal for homes with children and elderly. This is our most popular staircase product because it’s so versatile and elegant.

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